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About GGDI

  Greater Gratiot Development, Inc.
Greater Gratiot Development, Inc. (GGDI) was incorporated in 1978 to coordinate economic development and related services on behalf of the area municipalities and the County of Gratiot.
GGDI acts as a countywide clearinghouse for information and assistance in retention, expansion, and location of business in Gratiot County. Additionally, GGDI initiates and participates in other activities designed to improve the economic climate in the Gratiot Community.
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Our Mission


"To retain, expand, and attract business & industry and to participate in activites which enhance the economic climate within the Gratiot Community."
Greater Gratiot Development, Inc. (GGDI) is organized to coordinate economic development efforts in the greater Gratiot County area. Nationally recognized for collaborative success, GGDI partners with the public and private sectors to provide a clearinghouse of information and assistance to retain, expand, and locate business in Gratiot County. GGDI also acts as a facilitator for business, industry and agribusiness in securing assistance from local, state, federal, and private sources. 

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